Spanx for Men?
It was revealed in a recent survey that Channing Tatum is the celebrity who most men want to emulate when it comes to the derriere. Not that any men are admitting to noticing Channing’s backside, but if they WERE to wish for a particular type of bum, it would be his. Just sayin.

Anyway, when there is a need, you can be sure that there will be some product to fulfill it. Enter D. HEDRAL, a men’s intimates company, which has introduced the first ever line of shapewear that is specifically made to create the perfect “angle” for your backside.

In addition to choosing the size of briefs (S, M, L, XL), men also select the “shape” of their natural tushies (slim, average, full). Based on these two things, a supportive Y shaped angle of 95, 115 or 135 degrees is suggested to create the optimal butt shape.

No solution has yet been reported for the love handles that will ooze over the upper band of the cutting-edge underwear, but your rear is going to look great.

Well, That’s Embarassing
Eighteen police officers spent more than an hour trying to retrieve the body of a woman who appeared to have drowned in a river in China. As more than 1,000 onlookers watched, cops finally pulled her lifeless body from the water.

But, oops, the victim was actually a life-sized inflatable sex doll.

Parents quickly covered the eyes of their children and the crowd dispersed. Because, y’know, watching an actual woman drown, die and be pulled from a river is educational for children. But a plastic sex toy? That’s just disturbing.

Pictures here.

No Botox for You!
The health ministry in Israel has suddenly banned dentists from injecting Botox into their patients. And the dentists are not happy.

In an ongoing struggle between plastic surgeons and everyone else for control of the lucrative Botox market, the Israeli Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery made a request to the health ministry to recognize that only board certified plastic surgeons are truly qualified based on years of training in facial structures and aesthetics to perform Botox injections safely.

The plastic surgeons argued that they would not be qualified to whiten or extract teeth, so why are dentists qualified to perform cosmetic injections? It worked. The ban was effective immediately and came as quite a shock to dentists, most of whom had been injecting Botox for years.

Okay, yes I’m probably biased. But I am in total agreement with Israeli plastic surgeons and its health ministry. I don’t deliver babies, so why are OB/GYNs injecting Botox? Bravo Israel!

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Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.


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