Brides Get Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight. Seriously?

Please RSVP with your choice of beef, chicken or … feeding tube.

Are there any lengths that brides won’t go to in order to look picture perfect on their special day? Well, there should be.

A new bridal diet fad called the K-E Diet involves inserting a feeding tube through the nose and into the stomach where it delivers a continuous drip of protein and fat mixed with water. The K-E Diet delivers about 800 calories a day, and promises to help brides lose 10 pounds or more in two weeks or less.

Brides-to-be don’t eat or drink anything else and body fat is burned off through a process callled ketosis, which allows muscles to stay intact.

I suppose that it’s great for the bride who wants to fit into her dream dress. But it leaves me wondering how the husband-to-be feels? Fresh off the feeding tube and walking down the aisle, he must have a moment of realization that she will never look this way again. Well, at least not without a bag of protein/fat slushy in her purse and a plastic tube in her nose. Ah, romance!

YouTube Star + Makeup = Celebrity Dopplegangers

Okay, this is kinda cool. It’s basically just a girl with some mad makeup skills, but myself and 96 million other YouTube views seem to agree – this is pretty awesome.

A 22-year-old Nepalese woman with a couple of wigs, several makeup brushes, tons of cosmetics and a lot of time on her hands transforms herself into some of the world’s most recognized celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and even Michael Jackson.

Promise Tamang Phan uses the YouTube handle “Dope2111” and starts each video barefaced and nondescript before morphing into the likes of Kate Middleton before your very eyes.

If you, too, have too much time on your hands, go ahead and check her out.

Boobstagram Raises Awareness for Breast Cancer. Riiiight.
Are these guys geniuses, or are these women just naive – or is this actually raising awareness for breast cancer? (chuckle chuckle)

What am I talking about? Well, capitalizing on the hugely popular vintage photo app “Instagram,” a couple of French dudes launched a site called Boobstagram that encourages women to upload photos of their vintage-style cleavage photos in order to “fight against breast cancer.”

There are now nearly 25,000 photos tagged #boobstagram on Instragram. So that’s how you can search for them, so you can, y’know, fight against breast cancer.

Pee Shivers – What’s Up With That?

Here’s one of those things that you might have wondered about in the moment but never thought to Google it. What is up with the full-body shiver that some people (not saying you or me, just some people) get while urinating?

Well, wonder no longer my friend because some researcher out there is trying to answer that question. Why? Who knows. With tax dollars? Gosh I hope not.

Dr. Anish Sheth wrote a book called “What’s My Pee Telling Me?” and he says that it is not entirely known what causes the involuntary shiver that seems to start in the shoulders and travel down the body. But some unscientific polling suggests that it happens when someone has held it for too long and finally releases a burdened bladder.

If you’d like to read more about what’s happening on a cellular and nervous system level, you can read more about pee shivering here. Or you can just shake your head and move on with your life.

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Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.


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