Prosthetics.  When you need them, you’re glad you have them.  When you don’t, they can be a little odd.

Prosthetic Pea Pusher

Prosthetic Penis

Worse than losing a leg

Your Weekly South Korea


Prosthetic Pea Pusher

Photo Credit: strangeinventions.com

“This is Me.”  That’s the name of Bob Heller’s invention.  Bob, it seems, is a lover of peas.  And he likes to eat them with a fork.  But as any fork wielding pea eater can attest, it’s hard to get those suckers on the fork.  In days past, Bob used his finger to scoop his peas onto his fork, but he received disapproval for the use of his bare hand at the dinner table.  Enter, the “This is Me” finger shovel meal time prosthesis.  Now Bob can shovel his peas onto his fork with class.  You can too, for $14.95.


Prosthetic Penis

Photo Credit:  vice.com

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, take heart.  There is a procedure that doctors promise will give you a hard, nay, “indestructible” penis.  According to Urologist, Dr. Paul Perito, there are over 20 million men in the US with ED.  Most don’t realize they have options beyond pharmaceuticals and hand pumps.  But alas, you can have an inflatable device implanted in your penis, which can be filled with air using a plastic bulb (which is stored in the scrotum) as a pump.  Dr. Perito wants to make this procedure as commonplace as breast implants.

In a promotional type video, several recipients of the procedure are seen having the time of their lives with younger women and hilarious penis jokes.  Yet, I can’t help but wonder whether even the most indestructible, indefinitely hard penis might not fill the void (I said it) in one’s life.

Worse than losing a leg?

A paraplegic man in Canada fractured his penis in the course of having sex with his wife.  A hospital nurse’s failure to perform a thorough physical exam, he claims, led to a misdiagnosis and a tragic surgery that prevented him from having sex for 2 years, resulted in the shortening of his penis by an inch, and ultimately the ruin of his marriage.  The man claims that the penis incident was more devastating to his life than the loss of his legs.

And legs are pretty awesome to have and use, so that’s really saying something about his former penis.


Your Weekly South Korea

Photo Credit: weirdasianews.com

“And nowwwwwww, Let’s Beauty!”  Cue theme song.

In South Korea, the show ‘Let’s Beauty’, takes the ugly and makes them beautiful in what must be a punctuated overview of the long surgical and recovery journeys of it’s contestants. This pair of twins though, you have to admit, had a dramatic makeover.  Even if you are generally against the South Korean carbon copy look, if you were one of these twins, you might be eager to … Beauty.

Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.

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