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You can pretend that you like something you don’t, and many people do.  Lie detection, while fascinating, has always been imprecise.

Take me, for example.  I like a good chef salad, but I LOVE a bowl of peach cobbler under a scoop of melting ice cream.  It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I enjoy them both, but my brain waves reveal my higher passion level, and it’s not with the salad.  LOL, AMIRIGHT?

When I’m chatting with my fitness-oriented friends however, you’d never know my feelings toward the forbidden (sugar coated, crispy covered) fruit.  I’m all lettuce, all the time, in those social situations.

The same goes for our beauty preferences.  Cosmetic surgery haters might outwardly embrace their flaws and disdain all forms of vanity, but on an uncontrollable animal level, they too prefer certain physical beauty attributes.  In other words, they’re just in denial.  Everyone has aesthetic preferences.

One researcher recently enlisted the help of an artistic photographer in altering the images of study subjects and then measured their brain activity while they looked at the altered images of themselves.  The contrast between their brain waves while looking at the pictures, was revealing.

Subjects had more excited brain waves when viewing photos of themselves with photoshopped ‘improvements.’  So the next time you think someone has an annoying over-abundance of confidence, it’s comforting to remember: you could totally expose their true insecurities if you hooked their brain up to sophisticated machinery.

Now Grow Some Balls

So anyway, did you know there are lab grown penises?  Doctors are experimenting with the use of a donor penis, and a technique by which it is reduced to a collagen scaffold.  The recipient’s cells are then cultivated upon the scaffold, and grown into a new organ.  Apparently this could be prime time in as little as 5 years.

Similar technology has been used to grow other replacement parts, including vaginas.  Not only is this news wacky, but it could be the ultimate lifetime game changer for men suffering cancers or penis injuries.  No word yet on sensation or erectile function, but the new method is superior to previous rudimentary attempts at this kind of thing.  (Which, BTW, are also quite wacky.)

Eyebrows matter

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My friends, never underestimate the power of eyebrows.  Eyebrows make or break the face; they can convey emotion, evil villain status, attention seeking tendencies and clownmanship. They may seem like an insignificant facial feature, but that kind of thinking is what leads some to shave them off and recreate “why-brows” in dramatic comical ways like it’s no big deal.  But it is a big deal.  Here’s all the proof you should ever need:


Mercy Ship Miracle


A facial tumor like the one endured by Grace is wacky enough.  She’s a 17 year old girl in The Democratic Republic of Congo.  But even more wonderfully wacky is the idea that a retrofitted cruise ship would be organized by generous and ambitious medical professionals to bring Grace the miracle surgery she needed.

The tumor was the size of a football, and growing at a pace that would eventually impair breathing.  Although she may need some additional medical care to improve her ability to eat, her new smile says it all.  Generosity and gratitude are simply beautiful.


Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.

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