How does the Keller Funnel work? I put a breast implant into a clear, sterile funnel, and then squeeze the larger open end. The smaller tip is placed in the breast pocket. The advantages include a smaller incision, and a "no touch" approach of the implant surface to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Yes, by using this device, my breast augmentation costs am may be a little higher than my competitors, but I feel the safety and reduction of manipulation the implant surfacel is worth it. #kellerfunnel #breastaugmentation #breastimplant #notoichtechnique #mladick #capsularcontracture #siliconebreastimplant #silicone #submuscular #dualplane #imf #inframammaryfold #breastfoldincision #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeryvideo #operatingroom

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In this video, you can see an actual breast augmentation surgery where I use the Keller Funnel. This is on my Instagram Feed.

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“Use of the Keller Funnel allows me to use no-touch technique to place the breast implant into the pocket.”


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