Men got about 225,000 Botox treatments in 2010, about a tenth of the 2.2 million women who opted for wrinkle-fighting injections during the same year.  These kind of unbalanced statistics lead to a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to Botox and what it’s all about.

So men, allow me to bust up some of the most common Botox myths.

#5 – Botox Will Make You Look Feminine (or Frozen)

Botox is not makeup, despite the brand name being Botox Cosmetic.  Nor is it a drug that makes your skin soft, supple, shiny or any of those other qualities that women seem to always be after.

Botox is simply a neurotoxin that temporarily weakens your facial muscles.  It is injected directly into your “problem areas” in tiny amounts called units.  Within a few days, your muscles can no longer produce those deep vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows or the horizontal lines on your forehead.

A skilled doctor will inject just the right amount in Botox in just the right areas to leave you with few wrinkles but plenty of movement to look natural.

So don’t worry.  You skin will retain whatever ruggedness you’ve achieved in your years of living like a man.

#4 – Botox is Expensive

Well, yes and no.  Sure, Botox costs more than lunch at McDonalds.  But it’s usually less than a typical business dinner.

During this period of fierce job competition, you’ve probably dropped some cash on looking like the best person for the job.  Expensive suit, nice watch?    Botox only costs a tiny fraction of what most men normally spend on the right car and the right shoes.  And who knows if anybody is really looking at your watch?  One thing is certain; they are all looking at your face.  (As any Botox-loving lady will attest – you’ll still look like you, only the younger/fresher version you).

#3 – Botox is Not for Straight Men

Now this myth is just plain wrong.  Botox is BY FAR the most common cosmetic procedure for men.  A quarter of a million men got Botox last year.  In second place was laser hair removal at 118,000.  The most common surgical procedure was liposuction at 37,000 men.  The point is: a LOT of men get Botox.  There is one reason why.  It works.

I have male patients from all walks of life.  From athletes and artists to high-powered brokers and attorneys and everything in between, Botox is used by all kinds of men.  Most of them have seen how it works for their wives and girlfriends before coming to see me.

#2 – Botox Requires Too Much Time

If you work in the financial district in San Francisco, you can be in and out of my office in about 15 minutes.  Nobody will know you’ve had Botox.  There are no tell-tale signs.  No redness, no bruising, no swelling.  Nothing.  The results come on gradually in about 4-7 days.

#1 – Botox is Too Painful

Men are pretty tough, except when it comes to needles.  There’s no shame in that.  That’s why women are the ones to have the babies.

But I’m here to tell you, Botox is not very painful.  Most men think of injections as the type they get in their rumps after scratching themselves on a rusty nail.  Those hurt.  The needle is big and the amount of medication is fairly large in volume.

Botox injections are nothing like that.  First, I minimize any discomfort by applying a numbing cream to my patient’s skin.  Secondly, I work quickly.  Thirdly, the needle is so eensy weensy that most people don’t even feel it.  Finally, the volume of Botox is very small.  In short, most men describe it as nothing more painful than a mosquito bite.

If you’re a man who would like to discuss Botox with a man (who also happens to be a board certified plastic surgeon), please give my patient care coordinator a call at 415-354-8148.


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