Although you may have many concerns about your facelift procedure, the 5 most common concerns seem to be the following

–  natural, rejuvenated results after surgery

–  pain after surgery

–  long-term results

–  recovery process after surgery

–  complications from facelift

To achieve natural, rejuvenated results after surgery, you should undergo a facelift with an experienced plastic surgeon who can not only do the technical things in the operating room, but comes up with a great plan before surgery.  A good rapport or connection with the entire staff in the office,  your patient care coordinator, and your plastic surgeon all make a huge difference in your recovery and confidence before surgery.

You should not be in that much pain after surgery.  Advanced techniques in anesthesia, injections of long-term numbing medicine before you wake up, and an appropriate amount of pain killers and good nursing care after your operation will help tremendously to reduce your pain.  Elevating your head above heart level, and using ice liberally right after surgery, lalso reduces swelling and pain,

The best long-term results are a result of a good facelift surgery and skin maintenance.  Surgery can significantly improve and lift loose skin, loose underlying fat, and eliminate jowling.  However, you will need to maintain your overall aesthetic result with great skin care, avoidance of the sun, and occasional skin tightening procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peel, IPL, Botox, or a combination of them all.

Your recovery process after facelift surgery should be carefully planned so that there are no surprises.   You will probably need to be seen several times after surgery to ensure quick healing, and expectations regarding suture removal, bruise reduction, and other concerns should be addressed before your operation.

Although rare,  complications from facelift can occur.  There are potential complications unique to facelift, such as damage to the facial nerve, unsightly scarring, thickened scars, and numbness.  General complications can include bleeding, infection, stiffness, recurrence of loose skin, and others.  It’s important to discuss these potential occurrences before your surgery so that you know what to expect.

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