The Smallest Breast Implant in America
When it comes to breast implants in America, the trend certainly seems to be “the bigger, the better.”  Breasts and breast size have become such a topic of conversation that, frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it.  And this is what I do for a living!Everywhere you look in the media, women are trying to break Guiness records for having the largest implants or celebrity magazines are gossiping about which celeb just got breast implants that are too big.  I was going through my inventory of sizers recently, and I realized that virtually no one asks me about the smallest breast implant size possible.

I suppose that makes sense.  Who is going to spend thousands of dollars to just look just a tiny bit bigger?  Because, let me tell you, the smallest breast implant … is tiny.  How tiny you ask?  Well, the short answer is that the smallest breast implant available in the U.S. is 80 cc.  Read on for the longer answer.

Volume and Cup Size
Saline versus Silicone
Allergan versus Mentor
Why Small Breast Implants are Rarely Used (alternative heading: Duh!)

Volume and Cup Size

Very generally speaking, 100 cc of breast implant volume will increase your breast size by about one cup size.  So a natural B cup will generally be increased to a C cup with a 100 cc implant. This is very vague and general because volume does NOT address your skin tightness, breast width, rib cage measurements, overall height and weight, and other factors.  But it’s safe to say that an 80 cc breast implant would not likely increase a woman’s cup size.  She would wear the same size bra after breast augmentation surgery.  I’ve yet  to meet the woman who wants this.

Saline versus Silicone

Saline implants, as you well know since you’ve probably obsessively read my entire blog with over 200 articles, come empty and are filled with saline solution in the operating room.  They are commonly OVERFILLED to reduce the rippling and wrinkling along the breast implant edge.

Silicone breast implants are pre-filled, and the volume inside of the implant can’t be altered.  The smallest breast implant in America is a silicone breast implant, since it doesn’t require overfilling to reduce the risk of rippling and wrinkling.

Allergan versus Mentor

Allergan and Mentor are the two companies that are currently allowed to sell cosmetic breast implants in the U.S.  Allergan makes the 80 cc silicone breast implant, and Mentor’s smallest implant is a 100 cc silicone breast implant.  But again, even in more conservative cultures with smaller-sized women, such as Asia, an 80 cc implant would rarely be chosen.  Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out why it exists.

In case you are wondering if a woman could choose a larger implant AND the 80 cc implant to achieve a sort of 1 ½ cup increase by having two implants inserted, no.  Doctors would never insert more than one implant in each breast.  Well, some sketchy doctors in other countries have been caught doing this for crazy women who are set on having ridiculous size MM breasts.  But in the mainstream medical world, layering implants on top of each other is simply not done.

Why Small Breast Implants are Rarely Used

I don’t think you really need a doctor to tell you the answer to this, but here goes.  The reason why small breast implants like these aren’t usually used is common sense –  there won’t be much of a difference in aesthetic result with a really small breast implant.

Another reason is based on plastic surgery history.  Breast implants were originally designed for breast reconstruction after breast cancer.  After a mastectomy, or total removal of the breast, any woman will need a much larger volume breast implant just to achieve a small cup size, let alone a C or D cup.  The original breast implant had to be larger to achieve this goal.

So now you know that the smallest breast implant available in America is 80 cc.  That bit of information should come in handy at your next dinner party.  I’ll leave you with one more factoid, because you know your friends are going to ask, “Well, how big is the biggest implant in America?”  The answer is: 800 cc. Y’know, just your average watermelon.



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