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The Future Has Arrived: Visualize Your Breast Augmentation in Augmented Reality With Crisalix Software

July 23, 2018

How Does Crisalix Augmented Reality Software Work?

In the office, I am able to take a video and photos of the areas of your body that you are considering for plastic surgery. Within moments, Crisalix will take these photos/videos and transform them to an interactive 3D “image.” Then, on a monitor, you can see what you would look like after surgery.

This exciting technology works for breast, body, and facial procedures. It is highly educational, because you can change various parameters with the software without undergoing any surgery!

For example, with breast augmentation, you can visualize what you will look like with different volume size and breast implant profiles. With body procedures, you can visualize what you would look like with less fat or tighter skin. With facial procedures, you can see what a rejuvenated face can look like.  


How Accurate Is Crisalix Software?

Crisalix software is very accurate. Various breast implant volumes and profiles are programmed into the software, and you can change the software while in the office to figure out what is best for your aesthetic desires.


How Do I Book A Consultation For Augmented Reality Breast Augmentation with Crisalix Software?

Call my office at (415) 362-1846 or email, and my Patient Care Coordinator will get you started!

Consultations typically take 45-60 minutes, and I do the entire consultation personally, without the use of a nurse or helper to vet your questions and concerns without me present. Consultations are $150, and the cost of the consultation goes towards the cost of Crisalix software visualization as well as the cost of surgery when you decide to book your procedure.  


Are you on Social Media?

Of course! You can see before and after photos, videos, and get a glimpse into my life as a Plastic Surgeon.

Instagram: @drroykim

Twitter: @drrroykim



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