This week’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Spork!

Spork is a quirky restaurant in the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. They serve American food with a twist. They use only in-season ingredients.

The ambiance and decor is nice and relaxed. The space used to be a KFC, and has been upgraded to the point that I don’t see any traces of KFC anymore. They have a sit-down bar, which my kids love and usually go around on the stools and fall off of and give me aggravation and embarrassment during dinner.

Spork has a great wine and beer list. They also have some unique dishes, including

– fantastic honey dinner rolls that are very light and airy

– “Cauliflower and Calamari Unite!”, which is shockingly awesome

– In-side-Out Burger, which is a deconstructed burger. It has no fries, but comes with double-baked potatoes.

– very good scallop, fish, and red meat dishes

– a pot de creme brownie, which is basically very sweet and chocolaty goo, which tastes great. Plus, it comes with a spork to eat with.

They do take reservations, but if you show up when they open at 600 PM, you can usually find a seat at the bar or an occasional open table. I would recommend reservations. Parking is easy – the Bartlett Street Parking Lot is 1 block away. There’s street parking as well, but it’s usually hard to find a spot in the Mission.

Location and contact info is below. Tell Bruce, the chef, that I sent you! He probably won’t know who I am , or what that means, and you won’t get a discount, but at least you’re being friendly.

1058 Valencia St., between 21st and 22nd Sts.

San Francisco, CA 94110

TEL – 415 643 5000

NOTE – Saturday Shout Out’s cannot be purchased or rented. These are things that I find cool in San Francisco. Unfortunately for me, I’m not paid or compensated in any way for these recommendations. Remember, you can trust me – I’m a doctor.


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