Today’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Restaurant Gary Danko!

San Francisco is a huge foodie town, and many restaurants have been reviewed to death.  Even with the Michelin Guide, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and other review guides, you’ve probably wondered what the best restaurant in San Francisco is.  Well, you don’t have to look any further-  it’s Gary Danko.

Gary Danko is beautiful, seasonal,  high-end food.  The wine list is awesome.  Gary Danko doesn’t have 100 restaurants throughout the world, so you know he actually shows up in the kitchen and cooks.  The ambiance is very warm and inviting.  The staff is awesome, hands down.  The service is not stuffy, and it’s very professional.

I find that most very expensive, destination restaurants are over priced, or too formal and quiet, like it’s a religious ceremony to eat there.  Gary Danko is none of those things.

Please note that it takes 2 months to get a reservation, and they don’t play favorites.  So, call them now to reserve your spot 2 months from now.  In case you can’t plan that far in advance, you can always show up when the restaurant opens, go to the bar, and order your meal there.  The bar chairs are comfortable, the food and service are still the same, and you don’t need reservations.  Plus, you can gawk at all the people as they come in the front door.

Gary Danko

800 North Point, at the cornder or Hyde Street

San Francisco, CA 94109

TEL  415 749 2060


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