• SATURDAY SHOUT OUT- Patrick Evan Salon

    This week’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Patrick Evan Salon.

    Patrick, Dale, and the rest of the crew at Patrick Evan Salon are known for thermal reconditioning. If your hair is frizzy, not thick enough, has lost body or color or luster, then thermal reconditioning is for you. In just several hours, your hair will be more healthy, easier to control and manage, and have more shine.

    Patrick learned this in Japan, and his secret methods are substantially better than other thermal reconditioning experts in San Francisco.

    Dale is great at colors and cuts, and he also has mad DJ skills on the weekends.

    Book an appointment – you won’t be sorry!


    Patrick Evan Salon
    55 Grant Ave.
    4th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94108

    NOTE – Saturday Shout Out’s can’t be bought, sold, rented, or bartered. They are unsolicited reviews of goods and services that I actually use and are not given to me for free.

    Trust me – I’m a doctor.

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