This week’s Saturday Shout Out goes to Morac Restaurant!

You’re probably dying to know where to eat very good Middle Eastern Food and smoke hookah/ nargile afterwards. My favorite place in San Francisco is Morac, in the Mission. The food is very good– much better than I expected. They don’t have traditional Moroccan couscous dishes, and they only have organic mint tea, not Moroccan mint tea. Other than that, the hummus, kabobs, and other dishes are very tasty.

They have a lot of shisha flavors, and will keep on bringing the charcoal until your tobacco is burnt to a crisp. You can smoke outside on the front patio. They have a heater outside for those cold San Francisco nights. You can also watch tons of interesting people walking by.

Morac Restaurant
3122 16th St., between Valencia St. and Guererro St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

415 553 9866

NOTE- Saturday Shout Out’s are my personal opinions, and unfortunately for me, are not paid for. They are simply things that I like. You can trust my recommendations- I’m a doctor.


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