Warning- Not for the Faint of Heart! "This is what fat harvesting looks like. This is actual fat after it's filtered and processed – and this is what it looks like. Typically we don't use this (pointing to a syringe with no tip). We us a syringe with a cannula to put the fat in your body. So, you put this (the syringe with a cannula) carefully in for deeper wrinkles, fat grafting, and Brazilian butt lifts. If you have any questions, contact me. Thanks." This is a video of the liposuction aspirate AFTER filtering and processing. You can see it looks like little yellow droplets- pure fat! This fat can be far grafted and placed back inside of you. When I do it in the buttocks, it's commonly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. If it's done in the face, I can fill in the deep wrinkles in the areas around your eyes, the cheek, the nasolabial folds, and even plump up your lips. Fat is THE BEST filler agent, in my opinion. It lasts for years, there's no rejection, it feels and looks very natural, it gives you a more youthful appearance, and unfortunately, you probably have plenty of it! f you'd like to set up a consultation for plastic surgery please DM me or email info@drkim.com or call 415 362 1846. – [ ] #liposuction #fatharvest #fatgraft #plasticsurgery #operatingroom #plasticsurgeryvideo #cannula #pal #powerassistediposuction #liquidgold #brazilianbuttlift #dermalfiller #sanfranciscoplasticsurgery

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In this Instagram video, I have already filtered and processed the liposuction aspirate. Usually I will put fat into syringes, put a large needle or cannula at the end, and then fat graft the fat into areas of the body that my patient wants enhanced.

You can see that the fat looks- well, like fat! It looks like glistening yellow globules.

For a Brazilian Butt Lift, I can inject it into the buttock areas.

For the face, I can inject the deep wrinkles under your eyes, (nasojuggal grooves), the wrinkles on the side of your mnouth (nasolabial folds), and other wrinkles.

For more beautiful lips, I can inject fat into them to plump them up.

Fat is the ultimate filler substance- it can’t be rejected, it’s all natural, it feels and looks great, and it lasts for years. If there is a bit too much, you can massage it away or melt it away. There are risks, of course- but the risk and benefit profile of fat grafting looks great compared to other man made dermal fillers.

Call me at 415 362 1846 or email me at info@drkim.com to set up a consultation. I look forward to meeting you in person.


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