Silhouette of African American Business Woman ontop of Hill during Sunset
Silhouette of African American Business Woman ontop of Hill during Sunset

Why is Pregnancy Bad for Your Tummy Tuck?

One of the key requirements of getting a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is that you will probably NOT get pregnant afterward.  With pregnancy, your stomach muscles and skin stretch out for 9-10 months, and your skin cannot tighten up enough for your post-baby tummy to be as flat as before.

Some women (and men), who simply lose a lot of weight, require a tummy tuck for the loose skin as well.  Again, you have to make a long-term effort to NOT re-stretch the skin with weight gain.

If you do get pregnant after your tummy tuck, your fetus should be safe, but your tummy tuck may not be!  Expect your skin to form new stretch marks as your tummy expands.  Your “6 pack” (rectus abdominus) muscles may expand as well, resulting in new looseness or laxity around your belly button area when your baby is delivered.

With a pregnancy, your tummy tuck incision may actually widen and spread, depending on how much your tummy expands.  Finally, you may end up where you started, with loose skin that hangs down over the waist band of your favorite jeans-  because no amount of exercise can tighten skin.

What are my Options After the Babys Birth?

After your precious cargo is in your arms, what to do about your tummy?  Another tummy tuck may be your best option, but ONLY if you’re truly, honestly, and positively done having babies.

Assuming that you will not become pregnant again, the guidelines are the same as with your original tummy tuck.  Wait 6 months after your baby’s birth, achieve a stable weight and call me (or any board certified, experienced plastic surgeon) to discuss whether another tummy tuck is a good choice for your unique body.

Remember:  Dr. Google, Bing and Yahoo are classless hacks with bad information.  Please call an actual plastic surgeon.

If you’d like to make a consultation, please contact me at or 415 362 1846.  I look forward to meeting you in person!


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