#plasticsurgery - article by Dr. Olivier Branford et al, PRS, December 2016
#plasticsurgery – article by Dr. Olivier Branford et al, PRS, December 2016

Dr. Branford and his colleagues have written a recent article in the December 2016, PRS/ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal entitled ” #plasticsurgery “.


A great video discussion of this groundbreaking article features the awesome Dr. Fawn Hogan, one of the most influential plastic surgeons in the world of #some –  #socialmedia.


The Origins of #plasticsurgery

#plasticsurgery and the Use of this Hashtag on Twitter

#plasticsurgery–   The Article –  #some and #socialmedia

#some – Social Media – and the Future of Plastic Surgery Communication

The Origins of #plasticsurgery

Dr. Branford pioneered the “takeover” of the hashtag –  #plasticsurgery – from non plastic surgeons starting last year.  His pioneering efforts, enthusiasm for plastic surgery research and networking, has resulted in an exponential growth of this hashtag.

#plasticsurgery is viewed 200 million times a month.

#plasticsurgery is viewed 2.4 BILLION times a year.  This is not a misprint.

#plasticsurgery and the Use of this Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is the main source of #some communication and networking among plastic surgeon, but the use of hashtags has quickly spread to other social media outlets, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others.

And did you know that hashtags can be monitored?  Thanks to Dr. Branford’s pioneering work using Symplur – www.symplur.com – healthcare hashtags can be monitored and analyzed to a degree greater than within  the Twitter platform.

#plasticsurgery–   The Article –  #some and #socialmedia

This article carefully goes through sample tweets, analyzes who uses them, what the tweets are about, and various other topics.

The world of #some is that it is more interactive than just a website–  it allows a conversation between 2 plastic surgeons, a discussion between plastic surgeon and patient, and it really breaks down the formal barrier between people who may have never met in reality.

#some – Social Media – and the Future of Plastic Surgery Communication

#some increases the accountability of plastic surgeons and patients.  I know of several “invitation only” Facebook groups, Twitter DM groups, and other social media private discussions where only patients are invited, only doctors are invited, or a combination of both are invited-  working together to ensure the best results possible, to increase word of mouth about a specific plastic surgeon or procedure, and to give support.

#some is also replacing the website.  A professional website is still a necessity for a plastic surgeon, regardless of private or academic practice.  However, increasingly I feel that professional websites are more like very large, expensive, online brochures–  and Social Media is the way to communicate with patients and to spread the word about patient education, patient testimonials, before and after photos, and other information.

#some is also accelerating the push into video.  Patients and Plastic Surgeons no longer want to read or even see pretty pictures-  video conveys more emotional and psychological information, and the cost of producing high quality video and having enough bandwidth to broadcast it continues to diminish.

PRS Journal is at the forefront of academic, scholarly journals that use video–  many of the recent top articles have video commentary and actual unique video programs, purely based on an peer reviewed, academic, journal article.

I am amazed and excited by the rapidly changing world of #some and how it affect academic plastic surgery research, patient collaboration, patient education, networking, and more within the world of #plasticsurgery.

Kudos to Dr. Branford and his colleagues for being able to see and capitalize on this trend-  and for allowing us to increase knowledge, innovation, and good will in the world of #plasticsurgery

#plasticsurgery – My Take on the New Article in PRS Journal, December 2016


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