Part life coach, part matchmaker, part resource library and part girlfriend. That is how I would describe a new Bay Area plastic surgery consulting service called The Nip Tuck Coach.

What is a plastic surgery consulting service? Well, it’s somewhat of a new concept to me, too, but one that I find pretty interesting.

Basically, when someone is considering cosmetic surgery, they may need someone to talk with about which procedures are available, which surgeons specialize in which procedures, how to prepare for a consultation and how to prepare for recovery among dozens of other things.

Michele Garber is the founder of The Nip Tuck Coach, a Bay Area cosmetic surgery procedure consulting company. The Nip Tuck Coach operates completely independently and is not affiliated with any doctors or surgical centers, including mine. Rather, Michele works as a patient advocate and her services include things like:

  • Making recommendations for pre-surgical skin care treatments and products
  • Assistance with plastic surgeon referrals based on procedure specialties
  • Prepping patients on what to ask during a surgical consultation
  • Advising and arranging for post-surgical care either in a facility or in the patient’s home
  • Arranging travel or hotel accomodations
  • Scheduling surgical appointments
  • Offering counseling and support

I’m intrigued with the concept of a cosmetic surgery consultant, because as a plastic surgeon, I am always encouraging my patients to get help in all of these areas from their friends or family members.

It is overwhelming as a patient to try to remember all of the doctor’s instructions before and after surgery. It’s also difficult to get organized before surgery and to have the appropriate resources for recovery set up when you are the one being operated on.

So I always recommend that my patients employ a good support system from loved ones and friends. But oftentimes, those people just aren’t available or aren’t equipped or simply don’t exist in my patients’ lives. So what then?

Plastic surgery is sometimes seen as a minor event because it is elective. But plastic surgery is still surgery and cosmetic patients need every bit as much support as traditional patients.

As a doctor, I know I can take great care of my patients during our consultations, during surgery and during any follow-up appointment. But I’m also concerned about the full scope of my patients’ care. For this reason, it’s good to know that there are options and companies available in San Francisco that can be there for my patients when I can’t be.

As cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, I expect we’ll see more consulting services like The Nip Tuck Coach. In the meantime, you can learn more about Michele Garber and her confidential patient services by visiting


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