By Charity Ohlund – Dr. Kim blog contributor/editor and owner of Maddy Nash

Hi again.  If you’ve been reading Dr. Kim’s blog for the past year or so, you might have seen my name before.  I’ve written about my love of Botox and Latisse, and as a self-professed foodie, I’ve posted some of my favorite healthy recipes.  But I mostly work behind the scenes, tweaking Dr. Kim’s plastic surgery articles into something we mere mortals can understand.

When I’m not writing, cooking or chasing after my two young sons, I’m looking for new creative projects that keep my “domestic diva” status firmly in place.

This past holiday season, I was looking for a special gift that I could give all the women in my life. I try to make something by hand each year. Last year it was homemade batches of egg nog and Kahlua that I bottled and labeled to look like it came from my own microbrewery. I’m sort of like Martha, but much more crass and without a criminal record.  Yet.

Anyway, this time I borrowed a sewing machine, selected some trendy fabrics and made a few dozen clutch purses.  I figured out a way to print whatever I liked on silk labels and used the real estate to write funny messages or loving notes to all my gals. There were purses that said everything from “Merry Christmas 2011 – Love, Charity” to “Carpe the Hell Out of This Diem” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”  Each was unique, and if I may say so – super cute.

I posted a few pictures of finished clutches on Facebook and my “friends” responded with requests to buy them as gifts for their friends and families.  What started as a personal project quickly grew, and I made and sold almost 150 clutches in seven weeks.  Did you know that you can get blisters on your fingers from a sewing machine?  Well, you can.

After Christmas, I laid down for about two weeks.  When I got back up again, my head was clear, and my fingers had healed.  A short time later, my new purse company – Maddy Nash– was born.

Maddy Nash is named after my sons and offers women everywhere the ultimate personalized accessory. Start by choosing the exterior fabric, interior fabric and clutch frame.  Then write anything (and I do mean anything) to be printed on the white label inside.

Please visit my web site at www.maddynash.com to check out my modern, graphic fabrics and to design your own clutch.  “Like” Maddy Nash on Facebook and shop my Facebook store to receive 10% off your order.

You don’t have to call now, and operators are not standing by.  But when you order, I promise a chic and unique clutch will be delivered to your door in 10-15 business days. With YOU as the designer of your own modern clutch purse, you’ll always stand out in a crowd.  And you’ll never have to worry about giving your friends another boring gift card again.





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