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Did you ever wonder why your skin care products go brown?  Most people feel it’s probably due to oxidation, a chemical process that involves oxygen molecules interacting with any other molecule or chemical.

In a freshly cut apple, oxidation occurs when your apple slice starts to turn brown.  Certain things can limit this process-  such as putting lemon juice on the apple slice.

The same concept works with your skin care products.  Once you open your favorite skin care product to the air, the product may start to turn brown and eventually smell bad.  Certain products that have many natural ingredients may turn brown faster.  If there are certain preservatives in the product, both natural and artificial, then your skin care product should have a longer life.

To lengthen the life of your skin care products, I would recommend

–  keeping your skin care away from excessive heat and humidity

–  making sure you have a tight seal on the skin care product jar or tube

–  keeping it away from direct sunlight

Regardless of the expiration date, if your skin care product is brown or has an unpleasant smell, then it will not work, and should be discarded.

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