Warning- Not for the Faint of Heart! Pictured here is the liposuction aspirate coming out and into the storage container. You can see that the good stuff being auctioned out is mainly yellow to white in color- liquid gold. This liposuction aspirate can be thrown away, or it can be filtered and processed to get even more pure fat, to be grafted back into the body. Fat placed back into your body is called "fat grafting", and is a popular way to create better looking buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) or fill in deep wrinkles in your face. If you'd like to set up a consultation for plastic surgery please DM me or email info@drkim.com or call 415 362 1846. #liposuction #fatharvest #fatgraft #plasticsurgery #operatingroom #plasticsurgeryvideo #cannula #pal #powerassistediposuction #liquidgold #brazilianbuttlift #dermalfiller #sanfranciscoplasticsurgery

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In this Instagram video, you can clearly see the liposuction in the tube going into the storage container. This is called “aspirate”, or “liposuction aspirate”, and is fat and tumescent fluid.

In this case, the aspirate was filtered and processed further to get pure fat. If I don’t want any fat to put back into the patient, this aspirate will be thrown away.

Call me at 415 362 1846 or email me at info@drkim.com to set up your consultation. I look forward to meeting you!


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