In terms of surgical technique, there is no difference between doing liposuction on a woman versus a man. However, there is a difference in the quality of fat, where it’s deposited, and the desired overall aesthetic result. These factors may result a difference between liposuction done in women or men.

Localized fat in women tends to be a little easier to remove. Men’s fat, at least subjectively, can be slightly more fibrous, especially in areas around the love handle or back areas. This may result in less swelling and bruising in women than men for a given area.

Women tend to deposit fat in different areas than men. Women tend to have fat deposits in the outer thigh, inner thigh, and love handle areas, as well as the axilla and the upper arms. Men tend to deposit fat in the anterior abdomen, love handles, and breast areas. This is natural, and the common areas of liposuction tend to differ between the genders.

Overall, women tend to want to retain their feminine curves, and not necessarily have every remaining fat cell removed. Men tend to want as much fat removed as possible, to reveal as much musculature as possible. Everyone has a different opinion and body shape, but liposuction techniques need to be tailored to your body, and not just a template.

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