A tummy tuck incision is very low and fairly long. It’s in the same area as a C-section incision, which is in the lower abdomen and upper pubis area. However, a tummy tuck scar is typically longer, usually from pelvis to pelvis. The overall length depends on how much loose skin you have, and your overall hip to body ratio.

Plastic Surgeons will often warn patients to get a tummy tuck incision only after you’re certain that you don’t want any more children. After a tummy tuck, you should have very tight skin over your abdomen. You will no longer have any loose skin and soft tissue that hangs over your lower abdomen and pubis area.

If you get pregnant after a tummy tuck, in theory and generally in reality, your skin and soft tissue will be able to stretch again and accommodate your expanding uterus. The mainly theoretically, but real problem, is that a very large baby, or rapid expansion of your uterus, may cause the abdominal skin and soft tissue over your uterus to become very thin.

A definite risk is that your nice thin, low, tummy tuck incision will expand and become much wider and more noticeable. This will probably occur, since pregnancy will cause the uterus to expand and also cause fluid retention and weight gain.

Your tummy tuck can be revised, and this is much less painful than your original surgery. However, you will probably need your abdominal wall muscles re-tightened, along with some loose skin excised and your scar made much smaller and thinner.

So, if possible, avoid having kids after your tummy tuck, so that you can retain the best aesthetic results after your procedure.

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