In a continuing effort to bring new and interesting voices to my blog and to give my devoted readers an occasional break from my medical ramblings, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman who will be periodically guest blogging on this site.

Dr. Berman is a plastic surgeon with a thriving practice in Boca Raton, Florida. I recently became acquainted with him through (what else?) Facebook.

Despite a long and distinguished list of credentials and certifications, including graduating from Yale and being board certified in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, Dr. Berman apparently shares my warped sense of humor and let me know that he and his staff are fans of my regular Wacky Wednesday column in which I track the decline of civilized society through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.

Dr. Berman is an active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, which means he is an expert in our field. But equally impressive are his activities away from the operating room. He is a sports enthusiast who loves golf, skiing, baseball and hockey. And he is an avid cyclist who rides 120-150 miles per week! Plus, he plays the piano when he just wants to relax. Okay, now he’s just making the rest of look bad.

I’m happy to welcome Dr. Berman to my blog, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his unique perspective on modern-day plastic surgery. Come back on Monday to read Dr. Berman’s first guest post about the evolution of plastic surgery where he reminds us that it’s not all about “swimmin pool and movie stars.”


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