Liposuction recovery can be accelerated by a few simple hints. Just like may surgical procedures, the key is to reduce pain and swelling as quickly as possible after your procedure.

Liposuction is isolated removal of fat. The pain is similar to post-workout pain, such as going on a long hike, or working out at the gym for 2-3 hours. The pain is generally not sharp or stabbing, but rather, feels like muscle soreness.

Right after your procedure, it’s important to wear your compression garment. Your skin is a little loose after liposuction, and needs time to tighten and fuse to the underlying soft tissue. Your post-surgical compression garment will help your body with this process, and you will find the support given by the garment will help in your recovery.

Staying hydrated right after liposuction helps with recovery. Liposuction, just like most surgical procedures, causes internal fluid shifts. By drinking alot of fluid with electrolytes, you help your body to maintain overall internal hydration and heal faster. H

Movement after liposuction helps tremendously in recovery. Moving around, such as walking and doing normal activities, helps your muscle and fascia to recover from liposuction. It helps to mobilize your body fluid, especially the lymphatic system.

Massage after liposuction, especially in the areas of your procedure, will help to reduce pain and swelling in the recovery period. Once you get over the initial pain of starting massage, it helps to reduce swelling in the areas of surgery.

Anti-inflammatories as soon as possible after your procedure also help to reduce swelling. Anti-inflammatory creams, such as arnica based creams, massaged into the areas of liposuction may help with reduction of swelling. Anti-inflammatory pills often cause excessive bleeding, so check with your plastic surgeon to figure out the best time to take them after liposuction.

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