Occasionally I get this request, especially from professional women or women who work in an office setting. Breast augmentation, although certainly not totally visible in normal public life, may be noticeable after surgery. Right after surgery as well, you may be quite swollen, and even if you feel ready to work, your overall breast size 1 week after surgery will be bigger than 4 or 12 weeks after your operation. Here are some helpful tips to minimize your breast augmentation surgery and reduce any possible gossip behind your back.

The most important long-term variable to your breast augmentation surgery outcome is choosing the appropriate volume for you. In general, a “C” cup is average. A woman with a C cup breast, in an unpadded bra and thin t-shirt, will most likely be considered average in cup size and proportionate to her height, weight, rib cage, and hips. If you want to be a lot bigger than average cup size, such as a DD or larger, I don’t think that any minimizing bra or compression garment will be able to reduce your cup size enough to make it less noticeable in an office or professional setting.

Wearing progressively larger padded bras before your operation helps to camouflage the fact that you will soon have breast augmentation. Try to have as much lead time before your actual surgery to do this, and change your padding to a larger size week by week.

Wearing bulky clothing, such as a sweater or a formal jacket, also helps with the illusion of more breast volume. Coupled with a padded bra, this should also throw off your professional colleagues.

Immediately after surgery, follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon to reduce swelling, such as icing, wearing a post-surgical compression bra, elevating your head and sleeping upright to reduce swelling, and walking around occasionally. These activities and several others help to reduce swelling in the immediate post-op period.

When you return to work, your surgical bra or a sports bra will be used to prevent your breast implants from moving significantly and helps to rapidly reduce swelling. Check with your plastic surgeon as to when you’re allowed to use a sports bra, but a sports bra worn after surgery will help to reduce swelling.

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