Normally, as a plastic surgeon, I would suggest eating as much as you can, and then making an appointment to see me in early January for some liposuction. However, since I’m in a giving mood, and since I am a MD/ Medical Doctor, here are my hints to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season.  Basically, these hints come down to diet and exercise. I hope you can put them to good use.

In terms of diet, drinking more water and fluids in general will help with maintaining your weight. Sometimes you may feel hungry, but your body may actually simply want some water. Try drinking water first before you eat something- you may be pleasantly surprised to feel your hunger go away.

Eating smaller portions of fatty food may help avoid weight loss. Please feel free to indulge in your holiday foods, but consider taking fewer bites or smaller portions. Maybe you won’t gain any weight, and at least you’ll be able to try more kinds of food!

Avoid too much alcohol, since any alcoholic drink has calories in it. Also, any clear alcohol (vodka, white wine, etc.) tends to not generate as big of a hangover as colored alcohol (brandy, whiskey, red wine, etc.)

Doing more walking may help you maintain your weight. If you have plans on shopping, try parking far away from the entrance, using stairs in the mall, and just doing laps in the shopping mall while waiting for your family and friends. Any extra movement will help you maintain or lose weight.

If you still need liposuction after the holidays or should you desire more information about my available services, or want to schedule an appointment, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator at, or call our office at 415-362-1846.

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