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You’re a fitness fanatic.  A beast in the gym.  The hottest Mama around.  And you’re wondering-  “when can I get back to exercise after my breast augmentation?”

Of course, you’ve asked your local plastic surgeon this question.  But you’re a skeptic, and you still have your doubts.

Please don’t consult Dr. Google, Dr. Yahoo, and Dr. Bing. They’re quacks.  All of them.  Here’s an online answer with general principles from a real plastic surgeon in San Francisco and Santa Clara. However, as always, talk to YOUR doctor first!

Above or Below Muscle Placement of Breast Implant

Your breast implant position will determine how quickly you can return to exercise.  Most breast implants are placed under the muscle.  This will slow down your ability to get back to exercise.

The chest muscle I speak of, is called the ‘pectoralis muscle.’  Both men and women have this muscle of the upper chest, under the breast.  Breast implants are placed either under, or above the muscle.

Partial or full placement of your breast implant UNDER the pectoralis muscle means that your surgeon has created a circular pocket for your implant under the muscle, put the implant in there, closed it up, and the breast implant has to stretch the muscle above, as it heals. While healing, every time you use your chest muscles, your breast implant will be squeezed.  This is normal, but will cause some discomfort after surgery.  This implant pocket needs to heal before you start back up with zealous exercising.

If your breast implant is ABOVE your pectoralis muscle, then you will heal faster. The breast implant is NOT in a pocket under the muscle, so it’s not stretching out the muscle, and less muscle recovery is involved.

Your Breast Augmentation Incision Has Healed?

Another very important consideration is whether your breast augmentation incision is fully closed or not.  I have to make a small incision somewhere to put the breast implants in the proper place, and this incision should be fully healed, with all new skin, before you start vigorous exercise.

Trust me, you do not want to split open an incision on your breast, nor would you enjoy an infection from a reopened wound.  I know you’re a tough athlete, but the rules still apply.

Breast Augmentation and Cardio

If you really pump up your heart rate and blood pressure while you’re healing, you will experience swelling and increased blood flow to your breast augmentation area.  If your incision is still healing, you may cause the incision to gape open (see above), have increased bleeding, and possibly increase the bleeding in the breast implant pocket.

All of these things are NOT GOOD, and may cause a complication requiring another trip to the operating room.  So, concentrate on gentle walks, meditation, and other activities that will not cause possible damage to your incision!

Breast Augmentation and Weight Lifting

Ah, weightlifting!  Any upper body weight lifting that activates the pectoralis muscle should be avoided until you get the ‘green light’ from your plastic surgeon.

Regardless of the placement of your breast implants, there is a new, man-made pocket in your body for each implant.  Those pockets NEED TO HEAL.  If you attempt to lift weights too soon after your breast augmentation, especially with under-muscle placement of your breast implants, you run the danger of causing increased bleeding and hematoma (blood collection) in the pocket.  This is bad, and may require surgical drainage in the operating room to make it better.

As always, I’m here to help!  If you have any follow up questions to this article, please contact me.  If you’d like to set up a consultation for breast augmentation or any other procedure, please contact me at info@drkim.com or 415 362 1846.  I look forward to meeting you in person!

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