Immediately after liposuction, you will feel some discomfort and pain in the areas of your body that underwent surgery. This pain is similar to workout pain, or muscle soreness.

You will most likely be given a garment to wear right after surgery. This compression allows the skin to tighten and fuse to the underlying soft tissue where the fat used to be. This compression garment will limit your ability to move slightly, but it will give you excellent support in the areas of liposuction.

Typically you can walk around the house right after liposuction. For the average patient, it will take 1-2 weeks to start jogging, and 2-3 weeks to start with weight lifting. Every patient is different, so it’s tough to give a definitive date. Also, the more areas of liposuction you have, the longer the recovery process will be. A definitive and exact day to return to regular, vigorous exercise, may be hard to define, but your plastic surgeon and your body should be able to get back to the gym and the great outdoors within several weeks of your procedure.

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