It depends on your overall health, your schedule, your plastic surgeon’s schedule, and how much help you need for your recovery.

Plastic Surgery procedures vary in length, and you should fully understand the risks and benefits of any surgical procedure before you have it. You may be in a hurry to get it done- once you’ve made up your mind, you may simply want to have it done as soon as possible, or be able to schedule the recovery period with a known vacation.

Your overall medical health is vital, because this determines what pre-surgical clearance you may need with anesthesia. If you are older, or if you have certain medical illnesses that may hamper your heart and lungs (high blood pressure, asthma, a smoking history, etc.), then you will need clearance from your personal or family doctor. Your primary doctor may need to see you, get some blood tests done, and even order further testing before you can have your plastic surgery procedure.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is an elective procedure, so many times it can be postponed or delayed until you are certain that undergoing anesthesia will not compromise your health.

Another more practical consideration is your plastic surgeon’s operative schedule, and your personal schedule. This may require some coordination before you can get your procedure.

If you are undergoing a more extensive procedure, then you may need some help at home to recover from your operation. You may also require some time off to recover. Using a pain pump or other pain reducing technologies may help with your recovery. Having a family member or friend may also be necessary, especially if you have difficulty moving right after your operation. Making sure you’re prepared is vital to your long-term health and making the quickest recovery possible.

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