I was at my office last week, seeing patients in my office, when a piece of paper came underneath my door. I’m in an office building with lots of offices, including lawyer, traders, accountants, consultants, and even some other doctors. Much to my surprise, it was a job application.

It was a single piece of paper, torn in half, and I’ve taken a picture of it and posted it above.

I understand that we’re in the worst economic downturn since the 1930’s, but this resume doesn’t really do it for me. This poor person probably shoved this under every door in my building. Perhaps he/ she is putting these into every mail slot in every skyscraper and office building in downtown San Francisco!

I just wish this person would have done the following-

  • Dude/ Dudette, you need a real resume! Just writing a run-on paragraph on half a piece of paper won’t cut it- you’re standing out from other job applicants in the wrong way! Get someone to help you write a resume!
  • a more precise, targeted job search. If this is going to every office/ medical office/ law firm/ accounting office/ etc. in San Francisco, then the resume needs to be tailored. I don’t think this person even knew that my office is a doctor’s office, let alone a plastic surgeon’s office.Whenever I’ve posted a job listing on Craig’s List, I have asked very specific questions to be answered, or else I will discard the job application. You would be surprised how many people can’t or won’t follow instructions, and I just don’t even bother reading the rest of the resume. I don’t want a generic “I am willing to work in any job position”- what makes you want a job with me? Or a lawyer? Or an options trading firm?
  • sometimes marketing and PR does matter. An unsolicited job application just doesn’t cut it unless the resume is outstanding AND the presentation is compelling. Even if this arrived in the mail, it should come in a business envelope, as opposed to a crumpled up piece of paper randomly popping up under my door.

If you think I’m too mean, let me know- you can leave comments on my blog now!

Also, if you have a general clerical position that needs to be filled, I have the original resume with the name and contact information. I’d be happy to share it with you!


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