After a tummy tuck, you will lose the weight of the loose skin and fat that is around your abdomen and flanks. However, you will probably not lose that much weight overall. The main reason for this is the tissue that’s removed with a tummy tuck does not weight that much – often 2-5 pounds.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes the loose skin and fat around the abdomen, usually around the lower abdomen and upper groin area. Mainly women are candidates, due to childbirth. Men and women are surgical candidates if loose skin hangs down around the abdomen area. If you have gained and lost 50 pounds or more, even with no pregnancy ever, your body may respond by having loose skin.

Liposuction is often done at the love handle, or bilateral flank area, with a tummy tuck. Liposuction is done to ensure that the edges of the abdomen are smooth and don’t pucker out.

After all of that surgery is done, the tummy tuck portion of the skin and soft tissue that’s removed is usually not weighed. When it is combined with the weight of the lipousction material, the total weight is often relatively low, about 2-5 pounds. This is a lot of weight to lose in just a small, limited area. Also, your skin and soft tissue will be substantially tighter to the point of having a very flat stomach. However, it you’re looking for overall weight loss, you should realize that a tummy with liposuction will not result in substantial weight loss.

Combined with diet and exercise after surgery, your tummy tuck will give you a beautiful and long-lasting result. As with other plastic surgery procedures, your tummy tuck will require diligence and care to ensure the best looking scar and longest lasting results.

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