Liposuction does result in permanent fat loss, and especially in multiple areas, liposuction will result in a much more flattering figure. Your body will have less fat, and as long as you maintain your diet and exercise, the fat will stay off. However, when you weigh yourself after surgery, you may find out your weight has only dropped by several pounds. Liposuction is perfect for problem areas, but is not good for overall weight loss.

Liposuction does not result in a large amount of weight loss. Rather, it results in alot of fat being removed from an isolated area and gives you a more shapely contour. Liposuction removes external fat, or fat that you can pinch. It is done in areas of the body with localized fat deposits, such as the


love handles/ flanks

inner and outer thighs

lower back



breasts, especially male breast enlargement or gynecomastia



Roy Kim, MD has the experience and surgical options to give you realistic expectations regarding your long-term results. He has experience in traditional liposuction, along with ultrasonic and laser liposuction. Please contact him at to set up a consultation.

Your figure will thank you.


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