Liposuction is a procedure that removes localized fat deposits from the body. It is a very common procedure, and can be done alone, or with other procedures.

With liposuction, the best result is achieved when you have expert care in the operating room and after surgery. At the very end of your surgical case, still in the operating room, you have a great result, with fat gone from the areas of liposuction. Of course, you immediately start to swell.

Typically, you will have a compression garment placed on you before you wake up. Swelling starts to occur as soon as your surgery is done. It is very important to wear your compression garment to prevent excessive swelling and to allow your skin to tighten and fuse to the underlying soft tissue underneath.

Tumescent fluid, which is injected before your surgery starts, may leak out a little onto the gauze. This is normal, and this fluid is usually pinkish in color. Since it’s mainly fluid, and not blood, it typically doesn’t clot.

Right after liposuction surgery, you will swell up in the areas that you had your liposuction performed. When you look at yourself the next day, you may think that not much surgery was done! Over the next couple of days, you will see a rapid decrease in swelling and bruising, and you will start seeing significant results 1-2 weeks after surgery. Every patient is different, so YMMV/ your mileage may vary.

Like most plastic surgery procedures, most of the swelling should be gone approximately 6-12 months after surgery. Most of the swelling does dissipate 1-2 months after your procedure, but it takes 6-12 months for ALL of the swelling to go away.

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