Pain after surgery is always one of the biggest concerns about plastic surgery. In breast augmentation, there are many ways to reduce the pain you feel and recover faster.

I think that being educated and having no anxiety about what to expect is one of the best ways to reduce pain. If you are pro-active about your surgery, your recovery, what to expect, and preparing your home and bed for your after-care is the biggest thing you can do to control your pain after surgery. Make sure that you have NO questions about your surgery and recovery well before your operation. Have your antibiotics and pain medicine ready to go before your operation. Get a ton of books and DVD’s ready to go at your house, as well as ice packs and nutritious food, so that when you’re at home after your operation, you can make great meals and have plenty of activities.

Reducing the pain associated with breast augmentation is accomplished by making a precise pocket for the implant. A pocket that is too big will result in more surgical dissection, and typically more pain.

Use of a pain pump after surgery also reduces pain significantly. Numbing medicine, consistently pumped into the pocket, right after surgery, is another useful way to reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Numbing medicine has the added benefit of having little to no effect on your brain and gastrointestinal system. The problem with traditional narcotics is that these pain pills may make you feel queasy, sleepy, constipated, and give you an upset stomach. If you have a pain pump, you reduce the amount of pain pills you need to take, and as an added bonus, you recover faster.

Roy Kim, MD is an expert at precisely creating a pocket that fits your implants. Also, he uses pain pumps in ALL of his breast augmentation procedures when possible.

Before the pain pump, Roy Kim, MD’s patients needed about 40-60 tablets of Vicodin or Darvocet to recover from surgery. With use of the pain pump, two out of three of his patients typically need only 6-10 tablets of Vicodin after surgery, and one out of three patients need zero narcotic pills. Currently Roy Kim, MD uses the ON-Q pain pump (

Reducing pain after breast augmentation, or any surgery, requires some planning before your surgery. Any subtle and helpful hints are helpful int he healing process.

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