You may want to have liposuction, but are concerned about the pain and recovery process after surgery. The pain you feel after liposuction is usually one of post-workout soreness, or muscle soreness. The pain is generally not sharp or stabbing.

The amount and type of movement you have after liposuction also determines how much pain you feel.  Doing no physical activity, in my opinion, is actually more painful right after liposuction.  You want to move around a little to increase blood flow to the areas of liposuction.  Drinking more fluid than average will also help with increasing overall fluid volume inside of your body, which may help with flushing of antioxidants and other inflammatory chemicals that are generated right after surgery.

Where you have liposuction also determines where you feel pain.  If you have liposuction done in your core area, around the abdomen and flanks, then using your core muscles such as walking, standing up, or sitting up, may cause more soreness right after your liposuction procedure.  Wearing your compression garment will help you in giving you support to move your core muscles right after surgery.

You may experience some numbness right after liposuction surgery.  Your sensory nerves are swollen right after your liposuction procedure.  Several days after your procedure, you may feel hypersensitive, itchy, burning, or electrical shock feelings after your procedure.  These feelings are actually a good sign, and show that your body is recovering from liposuction.

Your soreness and pain after liposuction should go away with time.  Everyone is different, and the type of liposuction, the areas of liposuction, and how much fat was removed may affect how long it takes for your soreness to go away.

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Please remember that this is not medical advice per se-  we need to develop a patient-physician relationship before I can formally give you advice.

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