Regardless of surgical incision, your nipples after breast augmentation surgery will not feel normal immediately after your operation. They will probably feel numb, and not have normal sensation.

However, typically several days after surgery, your nipples will start to feel a combination of itching, burning, electrical shock, pins and needles, and other unusual sensations going towards your nipples. This is normal, and actually good news- this means that the nerves feeding your nipple are beginning to “wake up” and have normal sensation.

Unfortunately, these feelings of nipple sensitivity may last several weeks to months. The feelings are not reliant on body position, time of day, or activity. The nerves are going to feel what they want to feel while they are healing. Fortunately, these feelings go away usually 1-3 months after your procedure. In theory, it can take 6-12 months for these feelings to subside, and also theoretically, these feelings may never subside, but this is very rare.

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