After liposuction, your skin is technically a little loose, and will require some time to tighten up and fuse to the underlying soft tissue underneath. This is why you will probably wake up with a compression garment after your liposuction procedure.

This garment is usually quite snug, and helps to reduce swelling and allow your skin to tighten quickly the next several weeks after your procedure. The compression garment is crucial after your liposuction procedure, and comes in different shapes and sizes to compress your abdomen, arms, thighs, neck, or any area where you had liposuction.

You will also notice that wearing a compression garment right after your procedure will help support your body when moving. This is more noticeable with the abdomen area, but you will still notice it in the arm and thigh areas.

Most plastic surgeons recommend wearing some type of compression garment for 1-4 weeks after surgery, and some advocate wearing a 2nd, slightly less snug garment, after the initial healing phase. The length of time depends on your body areas of liposuction, how much fat will need to be removed, and your overall healing time.

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