Visceral fat is the fat inside of you, generally wrapped around your organs of your body. This fat is not external, and so you can’t pinch it. As a plastic surgeon, I have no access to it and so I can’t perform liposuction on it or physically cut it out and remove it.

Visceral fat is typically inside the abdominal cavity, and is wrapped around and sometimes part of your viscera, the organs inside the entire abdominal cavity. Fat can infiltrate organs, such as the liver, or can even wrap around the intestines and other organs.

The only way to lose this fat is by losing weight. Surgery cannot remove this fat. You can lose this fat through diet, exercise, or both. There are many different diets and exercises available, and I wish I had a magic bullet, but in the end, I believe it takes a some will power, discipline, and education, to lose weight.

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