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How BrainHi and AI Help My Patients Save Time and Connect More

August 13, 2018

I have an amazingly attentive and organized office staff, but sometimes, we’re so busy with patients that we don’t have time to answer the phone. Many patients choose not to leave a voicemail and would rather call again later. Likewise, some patients prefer methods of communication such as texting or email, and some patients have quick questions that can be answered within seconds.


Thankfully, I am a beta tester for a product called BrainHi which will help my patients get in contact with my office at all hours, whether or not staff is available to answer your call. This BrainHi bot is located on my website, but also sends out texts to patients if they’re sent to voicemail, which allows these patients to text with the bot as they would on the website.


What Does BrainHi Do?


BrainHi is a chatbot installed on my website, and is powered by AI. You can ask the BrainHi chatbot simple questions, like when my office is open and where I’m located. Because the product is AI, the more questions it’s asked, the more it learns. Thus, it’s able to answer more complicated questions such as what insurance we accept, the details of a consultation, how long recovery is, etc.


BrainHi may or may not be able to give you a great answer today, but since it is constantly learning, it will eventually give the correct response if the same question is asked in the future. Regardless, it provides an outlet for my patients to get information when our office staff is busy. BrainHi alerts my staff to the patient inquiries and allows my office staff to contact the patient knowing what information they’re seeking.


How Does AI Help BrainHi?


BrainHi is constantly “learning,” so if there is a question that stumps it, it will note this and search for an answer. Maybe the answer is within my blog, or I may have to write out an answer, however, as time goes on BrainHi will be able to answer that same question.


What Does the Patient Have To Do?


All you have to do is use the BrainHi chatbot on my website, and just start asking questions. If you don’t get a detailed answer, BrainHi will direct you to my office and will simultaneously alert my staff of your inquiry so they may reach out with more details once they have a free moment.


More Information About BrainHi


BrainHi was founded to help patients and doctors after the destruction of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. It’s a very inspiring story, and they are spreading their technology throughout the US.


BrainHi is the first Puerto Rican company accepted into Y-Combinator, and they have a solid team of executives, engineers, and clients. You can learn more about BrainHi here:


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