How To Preserve Your Breast Augmentation

March 6, 2021

I try to emphasize this with my patients, but I think sometimes the excitement of finally having the breasts you’ve always wanted can drown out the ever-important aftercare that allows for you to heal quickly, lessen the appearance of scars, and maintain your results! But fear not! Just remember that every day that you take […]

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Breast Augmentation Using the Goldilocks Pocket

February 13, 2021

As a Plastic Surgeon, I have seen and implanted many breast implants in my career. After several years of studying breast augmentation and developing ideas to perfect the procedure, I have realized that the missing link to a natural look and feel in breast augmentation is the breast pocket itself. Thus, I’ve created the Goldilocks […]

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Yes, You Can Melt Radiesse!

December 11, 2020 , 8 comments

Radiesse is the brand name of a great filler made by Merz Aesthetics. It’s used in the face and hands to help soften wrinkles, fill in hollow areas, and rejuvenate the skin. However, it does have a reputation for being difficult (or even impossible) to melt and remove. Why would you want to melt filler? […]

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Bottoming Out

September 18, 2020

What is it “Bottoming Out” is an expression when your breast implants after breast augmentation surgery are too low. Your breasts have too much volume at the bottom of your breasts, and your breast fold may appear too low in relation to the rest of your breasts. How does it happen During breast augmentation, the […]

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Lies And More Lies About How Long Dermal Filler Lasts

August 19, 2020

All patients want their dermal filler to last for a long time. I know there is significant cost, time spent in the office, and some discomfort with getting injectables. Marketing terms and different types of dermal fillers only add confusion to the mix! The bottom line: the chemical content of your filler and where it […]

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When Can I Resume 420 Friendly Activities After Plastic Surgery?

July 16, 2020

Introduction Marijuana Types  Don’t Mix! If Possible, Don’t Smoke or Vape Common Sense with No Scientific Basis Introduction Yes, California has legal recreational and medicinal approval for marijuana. Some of my Plastic Surgery patients have asked me when it is OK to take marijuana before and after their procedures. These recommendations are based on common […]

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