Warning- Not for the faint of heart! In this video, I am using traditional liposuction for the double chin area. You don't hear that much noise in the background. It's because I am NOT using the power assisted liposuction device. My hand is going back and forth rapidly to break up and suction out the fat. You can see the fat in the tubes, but there's not much of it. (There isn't that much fat in anyone's double chin. ) The cannula is very small when I do double chin liposuction, which is a big reason I can't use the power assisted liposuction device. The power assisted liposuction handle can only go so low, and for the double chin area, I really need a 2 mm cannula to remove the fat- A very thin diameter metal tube! Before power assisted liposuction, I had to go back and forth with my hand and arm to break up and suction out the fat. Trust me- It's very tiresome. I am thankful that we have power assisted liposuction today, because it makes a HUGE difference in efficiency and speed in removing fat. If you're really detail oriented, you will notice my left hand is staying on the chin and neck area directly on the skin over where I am using the liposuction cannula. This way, I can "feel" where the metal tube is, and ensure it's in a safe position. Also, sometimes I squeeze the fat and have the liposuction cannula run between the pinch- Ensuring that I am doing liposuction on the fat between my fingers. Yes, sometimes you need to use your sense of touch to deliver the best plastic surgery results! If you'd like to set up a consultation for plastic surgery please DM me or email info@drkim.com or call 415 362 1846. #liposuction #doublechin #submentalfat #fatharvest #fatgraft #plasticsurgery #operatingroom #plasticsurgeryvideo #cannula #pal #powerassistediposuction #liquidgold #brazilianbuttlift #dermalfiller #sanfranciscoplasticsurgery

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In this Instagram video, I am doing liposuction of the double chin area. You will notice how quickly I’m going- it’s because I’m doing liposuction the regular way, and not using the power assisted liposuction handheld device. Thankfully the chin and neck are a small area- because it’s tiring if I do this too long!

Kybella, an injectable for the double chin, is a fantastic option for most patients. However, in this patient, it’s not a great option. This patient would have required 3 Kybella sessions to get the same results as liposuction in the operating room- but Kybella would have cost more!

For most patients, Kybella will be cheaper and faster. However, in patients will really full double chins, liposuction is a better alternative.

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