If you have a wide nose near the bridge of your nose, then you need to break it and bring the bony edges in. In Plastic Surgery, this is known as a nasal in-fracture. Using an osteotome and mallet, either through the skin or from inside the nose, the right and left sides of your nose are physically fractured in a controlled, very careful way. When the nasal in-fracture is done, the plastic surgeon then brings the right and left nasal bones together, sort of like making the top of a triangular roof more closer together, or tighter.

Another way plastic surgeons use nasal fracture in surgery is to break up the bump on your nose.  Usually on a profile view, you may have a bump on their nose.  Typically, just shaving it down will result in no lump or bump, and a smoother profile.  If you have a large bump, then you may need to have that bony portion of the nose to be fractured or cut off.

If you do not need your nose to be made more narrow, or if you do not have a large bump, then you probably do not need to have a fracture or broken bone associated with your nose job.  Of course, every nose job is personalized to you, the individual patient, so a consultion is necessary before any surgical procedure.

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