The short answer- probably not.

Most people who are considering plastic surgery are pretty healthy, and tend to take their health seriously. Thus, they have a better diet and exercise regimen than the average person.

A well-balanced diet, along with a multi-vitamin, seem to be enough for patients to do well with plastic surgery procedures. There is no need to take additional vitamins, minerals, or supplements before surgery, because your body can’t store many of them.

After surgery, it may take some time before you can eat normally. General anesthesia slow down your intestinal system, so it may take some time to have normal intestinal movement and motility. Taking multivitamins is fine after surgery, but generally, most types of plastic surgery do not require mega-doses of specific vitamins, minerals, or supplements. Also, it is my opinion that most supplements are more beneficial and absorbed more easily if they are in real food, and not in pill form.

The major supplement I recommend after surgery is protein. After your plastic surgery operation, your body may need extra protein to help with wound healing. Protein in the form of beans, quinoa, fish, meat, and other foods may help your body to heal faster. Certain other supplements may help, such as vitamin C, for collagen, and other vitamins and minerals. Each person and procedure is highly individualized, so it’s difficult to make a recommendation without a specific operation, age group, overall health status, and other important details.

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