"This is Dr. Roy Kim. I just wanted to show you that with liposuction cannulae, there are different widths and different thicknesses. The longer ones obviously allow me to get to areas further away. The thicker ones allow me to suck out more fat, thanks to Bernoulli's principle. If you have any question, contact me. Thanks." The PAL/ power assisted liposuction device has different sizes of cannulae, allowing me to customize any liposuction procedure for you. Using a machine to generate the "back and forth" motion of liposuction allows a more efficient, consistent, and smooth removal of fat from your body. If you would like to set up a consultation, please DM me or email me at info@drkim.com or call at 415 362 1846. I look forward to giving you the best body contour possible! #liposuction #cannula #cannulae #plasticsurgery #pal #powerassistedliposuction #tumescentfluid #bodycontour #operatingroom

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I posted this video on Instagram to explain choices in liposuction cannulae.

With liposuction, I use a hollow metal tube, or “cannula”, to break up and suck out fat.  The plural of “cannula” is “cannulae” (thanks, Roman Empire and Latin speakers!).

Of course, there are differences in sizes and lengths.  Going back to physics, the thicker and larger diameter cannula can remove more fat more quickly.  This is known as “Bernoulli’s Principle”.  At the beginning of any liposuction case, I want to use the biggest cannula possible, so that I can efficiently remove as much fat as possible in the shortest period of time.

As you know, liposuction is a refining procedure.  I can’t linger over an area too long, or I may generate a divot or contour irregularity.  For even further refinement, I will switch out the large cannula for a thinner one.  The thinner cannula allows me to “feather” out the liposuction so that I can fine tune your areas of liposuction and extract as much fat as possible.

It’s important not to remove too much fat-  and not enough fat!  It has to be “just right” so that I achieve maximal fat extraction, but your body does not end up with any lumps, bumps, or contour irregularities at the end of the plastic surgery case.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.  And yes, my Instagram account is www.instagram.com/drroykim.  Talk to you soon!


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