Juvederm and Restylane are probably the most popular dermal fillers in the US market. They are both made out of the same chemical- HA, or hyaluronic acid. Although they are made by different companies, the underlying chemical is the same. In the article, I will use the word Juvederm, but you can easily replace it with the trademarked brand name of Restylane.

If your Juvederm is not injected properly, you may end up with a lump that you can see or feel in the area of injection. Juvederm is malleable immediately after injection, which means that you can actually massage the lump away within a certain timeframe of injection.

If you were not told that a lump was malleable, or if it’s been a long time since your injection, don’t panic. It is possible to actually melt your Juvederm injection.  There is a chemical that can actually melt Juvederm and/ or Restylane.  It’s injected directly into the area of excess, and it will make the lump go away .  You may require repeated injections, since most people are conservative with how much melting agent to inject.

I imagine that you may have significant regrets about too much dermal filler, or even want it entirely removed.  You may have to get multiple  injections of the reversing agent very soon after your initial Juvederm or Restylane injection, and you still may have to wait 6-12 months for all of the hyaluronic acid to dissipate completely.

In general, any injector should know about the procedure they’re doing as well as the risks and complications.  Your injector should know about the very rare complication of an excess of hyaluronic acid, and how to reverse it.  In the field of cosmetic medicine, I feel that too many injectors are simply in it for the money.  Many doctors and nurses do not know  every complication and  how to deal with them.  I hope you find this article helps you realize that options do exist for excess Juvederm and Restylane in isolated areas of your face.

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