Breast implants come in various sizes, and various filings. The size differences are based on different volumes and profiles. The filling is either silicone or saline.

A silicone breast implant can’t be altered, only replaced. So, you can’t get your silicone breast implant a different volume unless you get a new silicone implant.

A saline implant volume can be changed, but only to a certain degree. Saline implants should be slightly overfilled, because this helps to eliminate rippling and wrinkling, as well as lower the risk of stress on the edge of the implant and lowering the risk of implant failure.

If you want a small increase in volume of your saline implant, and if your implant can accomodate the increase in volume, then you can get slightly more volume in your breast implant, and thus get a bigger overall breast volume.

If you want a smaller breast implant with saline, you may have to get a new implant. In theory, you can remove some saline solution removed from your current saline breast implant, but in reality, this may cause underfilling. If you saline breast implant is underfilled, then you run the risk of your saline implant rupturing, due to wrinkling at the edge of the implant causing a defect. So, if you want a smaller saline breast implant, you may have to get a new one.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the filling or substance of your breast implant. If you currently have a saline implant, you can’t fill it with silicone gel. If you have a silicone implant, you can’t change the filling to saline solution.

Most patients who want to switch their breast implant make the switch to silicone, due to a more natural feel. You can always go to more, less, or the same breast volume.

Regardless of type of breast implant, if you want a smaller breast implant, you may need a breast lift. If the decrease in volume is big enough, if you get a smaller breast implant, you may end up with so mouch loose breast tissue that it may appear that your breast sags. You will need a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine what the best options are for you.

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