The 2 major ways to raise your eyebrow position and make your forehead muscles weaker is to have a brow lift. This procedure can be done with an open approach, or an endoscopic approach. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

An open brow lift is useful if you have more skin to pull, and some people say has a long lasting result. The open approach requires an incision behind your hair line, from one side of your head to the other side. The excess scalp skin and soft tissue are pulled tighter, and the eyebrow position is also pulled up. While this incision is open, the muscles of the forehead can be made thinner and less active, so that the muscles that cause your brow to have wrinkles or furrows are improved.

The disadvantage of this method is that the incision can’t be hidden if you’re bald or have a high hairline. Another disadvantage is that this incision is longer than the endoscopic approach, even if it’s hidden behind the hairline.

The endoscopic brow lift uses 3-5 small incision behind the hairline. A camera on a tube, also known as an endoscope, is placed through different incisions, and surgical dissection is done with various instruments to raise the eyebrows, make the forehead muscles thinner, and anchor everything securely to ensure the longest lasting results.

The endoscopic approach allows smaller and less visible incisions, which is important in balding men, anyone with thinner hair, and anyone who simply does not want a longer incision. The endoscopic approach does not allow for skin removal, so if you have excess skin and soft tissue of the forehead, then you should probably choose the open approach.

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