Silicone breast implants have been FDA approved in the United States since November 2006.  We are now approaching the five-year anniversary of silicone breast implants being reintroduced to the market after a 14-year absence.  However, some plastic surgeons still do not offer them.   Why?

Personal Preference to Use Saline Implants

Special Silicone Breast Implant Training Course

Misconceptions About Silicone Implants and Incision Options

Personal Preference to Use Saline Breast Implants

Every doctor has his or her own preference when it comes to breast implant type.  I generally recommend silicone implants over saline implants for breast augmentation at my San Francisco practice.  Silicone breast implants feel more natural, whereas saline breast implants feel slightly more hard.  Silicone breast implants also look slightly more natural.  Saline breast implants have an increased risk of rippling and wrinkling, which can sometimes be seen along the edges of the breast implant.

The main reason I believe some plastic surgeons don’t offer silicone breast implants is simply due to personal preference.  Plastic surgeons may have a certain “comfort level” with what they’ve always used for breast augmentation surgery.  Saline implants have been on the market much longer than the newly FDA-approved silicone implants, and this may be the reason why some plastic surgeons like saline implants more than silicone ones.

Special Silicone Breast Implant Training Course

The FDA requires plastic surgeons to take a special silicone breast implant training course in order to purchase and use silicone implants.  This course is simple and easy to complete.  However, some doctors may not have taken the training course yet.

Misconceptions About Silicone Implants and Incision Options

There is a misconception that you cannot use silicone breast implants with certain incisions.  While it is true that silicone breast implants require a slighter longer incision, they can be placed in all three incision types.

Plastic surgeons may have a favorite incision or may simply not realize that silicone implants can be placed in the breast fold, the areola, and the underarm incisions.   In my San Francisco practice, I have placed silicone implants through all three sites, and it is definitely possible to meet a patient’s expectation while using silicone breast implants.

As a patient, it might be important to you to have the option for both saline and silicone breast implants.  Therefore, you should seek out a plastic surgeon who will discuss your breast augmentation goals in detail, including implant type, to achieve your best results.

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