All patients are unique… but some are more unique than others.  Breast augmentation is performed in unique patients on the regular.  In fact, having an unusual shape often brings patients to my office, in search of a surgical change that will increase their body confidence.  Such is the case with sunken chest (pectus excavatum), breast asymmetry, tuberous breast deformity, and other concerns.

Here, I’ll talk about breast augmentation in patients with “sunken chest” (pectus excavatum).  It is not only possible, but usually camouflages the original problem.

What’s Pectus Excavatum?

Also known as “sunken chest”, this condition occurs when the sternum or anterior part of your rib cage sinks in a little.  It can be present at birth, or start to show during puberty.  Most patients have no problem with their heart, lungs or breast development.

If you have a sunken chest and are considering breast augmentation, you may wonder if the final result will look better or worse.  I’m here to tell you that usually it looks BETTER!

Is Breast Augmentation Possible?

Breast Augmentation is usually possible patients with pectus excavatum.  Most patients have normal hearts and lungs, so anesthesia is no issue.  The best way to insert an implant for a patient with pectus excavatum, is through a small breast fold incision.  There is extra curvature of the rib cage which can make it difficult to “see” the location of the implant during surgery with other types of incisions (for example, an underarm incision).  The breast fold incision also allows better access for a surgeon to the middle of your chest, which is precisely the area you’ll want to get just right.  Don’t worry, the breast fold incision leaves very minimal, easily concealed scarring.

What Will the Final Results Be?

The end result of a breast augmentation on a sunken chest, is often cosmetically miraculous.  A once obviously concave chest, can be replaced with attractive full breasts and no sign of sinking.  Except in extreme cases, the edge of the implants will actually camouflage the dip of the rib cage/ sternum.

Here are 2 patients, both with pectus excavatum, who had breast augmentation.  Simply amazing.

The first patient had Allergan, silicone, high profile, 450 cc breast implants.


The 2nd patient had Mentor, silicone, high profile, 275 cc breast implants.

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