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NOTE-  I am working on putting all of the actual video excerpts here.  In the meantime, here are the transcripts of all of the videos posted on Twitter.

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Roy Kim, MD- Hey Ms. O’Conner, this is Roy Kim, MD calling, nice to meet you on Twitter-

Fanny- Hi! Nice to meet you too, this is great, thank you!

Roy Kim, MD- Great! And then is it OK to call you Ms. O’Conner or Fanny?

Fanny- Please call me Fanny

Roy Kim, MD- Oh great! So, uhm, do you have any questions for me just to get things started off?

Fanny- I just want to say “thank you”. Being out of state, this is something new and innovative and it will save me time in my fact finding so I appreciate this and I have a lot of questions, actually.



Fanny- Uhm, I’m curious- will this procedure last and if it does, is the firmness- will it be permanent?

Roy Kim, MD- The procedure lasts for years, honestly lifetime because it’s your own body’s tissue. The result should be permanent. Some of the fat will absorbe due to swelling (and) fat resorption right after surgery, but the result should be a long-term permanent fix.

Fanny- Great, OK



Fanny- Ok, so I’m 53 and I noticed your picture that you posted last week on the Brazilian butt lift and I was just curious- obviously, that was a younger woman. Is that something that would be viable for someone my age?

Roy Kim, MD- Absolutely, assuming that you have very good skin tone. We’ll take a look of course in a real physical examination but that is a realistic expectation to have.

Fanny- OK, great


Fanny- Uhm, I’m just curious- when you inject the fat, would it also help with cellulitie?

Roy Kim, MD- Absolutely. The treatment for cellulite that’s known is to break up the attachments of the cellulite- of the skin to the underlying structures and fill it with small amounts of fat. So one of the added benefits of Brazilian butt lif that is not really talked about a lot but should be is it can actually correct cellulite on a permanent basis.

Fanny- So, I’m getting fat sucked out of different areas of my body, which is a benefit, and then I’m getting it injected into my butt, which is a benefit, and I also could lose the cellulite.
Roy Kim, MD- Absolutely.

Fanny- Wow, OK


Fanny- And I’m curious – what are the risks (of Brazilian butt lift)?

Roy Kim, MD – There are some sort of specific risks as well as general risks to Brazilian butt lift. So, specifically, there are problems with removing the fat – liposuction including contour irregularity, fat embolism, or just blood clots in general due to inactivity.

We can have problems with lumpiness in the areas of fat grafting which we need to be careful about. We can actually massage it or treat it non surgically.

Other risks are sort of generic to surgery in general.



Fanny-   I am curious how may Brazilian butt lifts have you done?

Roy Kim, MD – I’ve done over 100, about 2-3 a month. It’s been increasing to about 3 a month for the past year or two, due to it’s popularity. So, a far number, and then of course way too many liposuction and fat grafting cases in general.

Fanny-   OK, perfect



Fanny- Do I have to under general anesthesia and also I’m just curious for rides- do I have to have a ride to the procedure and ride after?

Roy Kim, MD- Typically you do need general anesthesia because it’s a lot of areas of liposuction and you have to be face down to get the fat grafted- and sometimes your breathing is a little slower or you’re nervous, that’s hard to do. And you – obviously you get general anesthesia you will need a ride home as you’ll be a little too drowsy to go home by yourself.

Fanny- OK


Video 8

Fanny-   Uhm, the follow up appointments – I’m assuming there is one the day after, how many would follow after that.

Roy Kim, MD- Typically about 4-5 follow up appointments – and 1 or 2 of them we could do by video, just to document that you’re doing OK and things are going well. Of course, if I need to see you, I need to see you- but a couple visits are/ can be taken care of over video

Fanny- OK, perfect

Video 9

Fanny- Could it potentially happen that one butt cheek would be larger than the other and I’d have to come in for a revision?   And if so, is that covered under the original cost, and then how does that work?

Roy Kim, MD- Unfortunately, asymmetry can occur with this type of procedure. Usually, non-surgically, we can actually make 1 side a little smaller. If that’s not possible or if you want more fat into the smaller side, surgical costs are usually not charged but I do have to unfortunately charge for operating room and facility fees.

Fanny- OK


Fanny- After the procedure what should I expect?   Can I lay down, can I sit down, and I travel a lot – how quickly can I get back to work?

Roy Kim, MD – Usually we want you to not lay on the area of surgery for about a week. That may be hard and I believe almost impossible to do. Certainly laying on your side, laying on your stomach as much as you can is good.

Traveling I’d recommend probably about 4-7 days afterwards that you could actively travel depending on whether it’s a car or flight or something like that.

Fanny- OK


Video 11

Fanny- Are there any specific undergarments that I would have to wear after surgery?

Roy Kim, MD – Just like regular liposuction we usually recommend compression garments, like Spanx or lycra bike shorts – something that generates compression and reduces swelling right after surgery. Try to wear it for about 2 weeks after surgery at least and you’ll notice better results and less swelling.

Video 12

Fanny- Uhm, do you have your own surgical center or will I go to an outside facility?

Roy Kim, MD- I’m a partner at a surgical center and the surgical center is a couple blocks away from my office. So it’s fully accredited which means we can do Medicare/ Federal government cases – and the people who are putting you asleep and waking you up are MD, board certified anesthesiologists.

Fanny- OK, great

Video 13

Fanny- Do you have patients that you actually say “no” to or that once you see them in person, you think that their idea of this procedure might not be realistic for them?

Roy Kim, MD – Absolutely, because patients have to have realistic expectations. Sometimes patients don’t have enough fat for the procedure or sometimes they are simply too overweight, where they won’t have a great result.

Fanny- OK


Fanny- Uhm, what does the Brazilian Butt Lift cost, and also, do you have financing available?

Roy Kim, MD- The average cost is $7,500 to $9,500. That depends on how long it (the BBL procedure) takes. That also includes all costs including surgical fee, operating room (fee), and anesthesia (fee).

We do offer patient financing through Care Credit, which is partnered with ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

Fanny- OK


Fanny- Uhm, where would the scars be located for this procedure?

Roy Kim, MD- For the liposuction or fat harvest, they’re hidden in folds of the body, usually, uhm, belly button, groin fold, areas like that to get to the abdomen and love handle. For the fat grafting, we try to hide them, and again in the central area between the two buttocks as well as in the buttock crease or inferior crease area.


Fanny- I have a pretty high tolerance to pain, however, how painful is it?

Roy Kim, MD- The fat harvest area is where we do liposuction. It feels like work out pain- it feels like you did – the next morning – you feel like you’ve hiked 11 miles and did a million jumping jacks and push ups. So it’s soreness, but not sharp pain.

The area of fat grafting, interestingly, usually doesn’t hurt that much as well. It’s usually just sore.

Fanny- OK

Video 17

Fanny- Uhm, is there anything that I haven’t asked you that I should ask you before I actually come in for a consultation?

Roy Kim, MD- I’m sure there is , although we’ve talked about pretty much everything. Uhm, if you have any other questions you can always contact me through email, you know, direct message, whatever, and my website actually has a lot of the questions and answers as well.

Fanny- OK, great, thank you so much. And then, do I just call your office and set an appointment?

Roy Kim, MD – Oh, absolutely

Fanny- OK, perfect

Roy Kim, MD – (crosstalk) OK

Fanny- Thank you so much for your time.

Roy Kim, MD- Thanks, have a great day!

Fanny- You too!

Roy Kim, MD – Bye!

Fanny- Bye!


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